Floating Cushions
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Floating Cushions

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We currently have a limited stock of cushions so please check with us before ordering by emailing Hayley@TobyChairs.com

How do you make a Toby Chair even more ridiculously comfortable? Add a Floating Toby Cushion!

Another ingeniously simple design; they're self supporting so they sit at any height on the chair and easily adjust to suit taller or shorter people.

The name comes from my nephew Tommy, who took one look at the cushion and said ‘Cool, they’re floating!'. The cushion pad is hollow fibre and covers are 100% cotton duck canvas and both are made for us in Lancashire. They're soft to touch, dry easily and will happily endure being left out in a few summer showers. 

These cushions are designed to work with our Original Toby Chairs and Toby Steamer Chairs.

Should you wish to leave them in the sun for longer, you can treat the fabric with a UV protective spray - feel free to ask us for a recommendation!

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