Toby Chairs on the River Ouse taken by Helen @InkGardener




Toby Chairs

The original idea for the Toby Chair is based on a long held, family secret recipe. When in 2016 Toby revisited the design and made himself a new pair of chairs for his canal boat, they garnered so much admiration on the towpaths of Yorkshire that he soon found himself taking requests.

We're developing new ideas all the time and the plan is to grow our range while staying true to our roots; beautiful furniture made from sustainably sourced European wood.

We appreciate that in this day and age there are cheaper, flat pack options for furniture but if you choose to buy one of our pieces, you're buying something individual, handmade in the UK which will last you longer and - hopefully - bring you a lot more pleasure.


Toby Needs Toby Chairs

Toby Needs

As happy with a chainsaw as he is with dovetails, Toby is a real woodsman. He's an art historian and joiner by training who has recently travelled all the way from Yorkshire down to the Isles of Scilly for a dream posting as a wildlife ranger. He remains our chief design consultant and is constantly thinking up ways to expand and improve the Toby Chair range.