Is the timber you use sustainably sourced?

    Yes, absolutely! 

    We have specially selected European Oak and Larch that is both durable for use outside, but also sustainably sourced. We use a specialist timber merchant that holds FSC certification and chain of custody for their timber. Our Oak comes predominantly from the UK and France, and our Larch (Siberian Larch) comes from Northern Europe. Larch is particularly interesting as it grows five times quicker than it is harvested.


    Do your products require assembly?

    All Toby Chairs products are shipped already assembled, so you can start to enjoy your purchase as soon as it arrives.


    How do I order a Toby Chairs product?

    Order your product straight from our website and we will email to confirm receipt and begin working on your furniture - if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Toby on 020 8144 4987 or email him at sales@tobychairs.com


    On average how long does an order take to complete?

    It is just Toby that makes the chairs, so depending on how busy we are we say 2 – 4 weeks for an order to start and be completed. 80% of the time we deliver within a 2-3 week period. Busy times of the year may require up to 5 weeks. If you need to know how long the wait is currently, please contact us. If you require an urgent quick delivery please get in touch and we'll do what we can to help.


    Can the chairs be kept outside?

    All of our furniture is designed to be used outside – from the selection of timber, through to the treatments used and the stainless steel fixings (which won’t tarnish or rust) we use.

    Even the ropes on the Pendant Chairs are perfect for outdoor use as they are UV resistant and do not rot when exposed to moisture.

    That said, we do always recommend that you bring in your furniture during the wettest and coldest seasons so that the chairs will last you as long as intended.

    As with most outdoor Oak furniture, you should try to maintain the protective oil each year – see the section below for more information.

    How do I maintain my chairs?

    You can top up the Teak oil on our Oak furniture using a spray, and we recommend that you do this using a good quality teak or UV oil at least once a year to keep them looking their best.

    Our Larch furniture comes untreated and will weather to a silver or grey colour when exposed to the elements. Larch has been used in many outside applications for centuries, and we have selected this timber for its durability.

    We treat our Pickled Oak with an extra two coats of UV Protective oil, in addition to the teak oil used on our other Oak furniture. To preserve the black colour, we recommend that you top up the UV protective oil and bring your chairs inside or cover them to protect them from the worst of the elements (and prolonged exposure to the sun). That said, they should age over time to expose the natural Oak wood grain through the layer that has been ‘pickled’, which we find rather attractive!

    Do the chairs fold?

    Yes! We’ve designed our range to store away neatly to save space. You can fold two Original Chairs into each other, and though the table doesn’t fold, it fits neatly in the space between the legs. The Steamer chairs fold up completely flat, and the pendant chair can folded enough to store away for the winter.
    As the wood is a natural product, when it rains the timber will swell slightly so it is advisable to wait until the chairs have dried before folding them in wet conditions.

    The folding mechanism is based on two hinges, so with the chair facing towards you, you should lift up the back of the middle section of seat pieces with one hand, and use the other to pull the back of the chair up and over so that the legs are clear of the lower main body parts.

    It is normal that the chairs feel a little stiff if they are brand new or have not been folded in a while – we have designed them so that they fold but also so that they are sturdy when you sit on them!

    How do I adjust the Pendant Chair ropes?

    We have designed the rope system on our Pendant Chairs to use sliding knots (it’s actually a tautline knot, with a reverse half-hitch if you were wondering!) – this means that you can slide the knots up and down on the back ropes to change your recline position – and you can adjust the same knots in the top rope mechanism to adjust the chair’s height from the ground. This means that you can customize the chair to the person that is sitting in it.

    I don’t have a tree to hang a Pendant Chair from, can you provide a frame?

    We are able to source a hanging chair frame via third party suppliers. This is an effective way to enjoy your Pendant Chair, and means that you can move it around your garden to make sure you maximise the time you can sit in the sun!

    Please do however enjoy your pendant chair responsibly – swinging or twisting too much may result in the frame becoming unstable, and the manufacturers of the various frames available recommend that you adhere to the weight limits of the frames and don’t use them in slippery wet conditions.

    If you are hanging your chair from another structure, we can recommend fixings that can be used – though do please ensure that you have a suitably strong structure to hang from.

    What do I do if I have any problems with my chairs?

    Whereas we take every care to ensure that your chairs are perfect, they are after all made from a natural product with varying grains and structures. If there are ever any rough areas that are exposed through use, you have the option to lightly sand the chairs down (for the treated chairs, sand them down and then re-treat the area with teak oil/protective oil). In the unlikely event that you find that you have a problem with how the chair is made or constructed by us please do get in touch and we will do what we can to either advise you on maintenance, or to replace your chair/swap out parts for you for free.

    If you ever have any questions or queries, you can get in touch with the team here on 020 8144 4987 or at sales@tobychairs.com.

    Can I leave my cushions outside?

    We have tried out various different fabrics for our cushions, and whereas there are more UV resistant fabrics, they don’t feel particularly comfortable on your head! So we use a comfortable Cotton Canvas fabric, which can be washed in a cold wash in the machine. The cushions inside the covers are stuffed with hollow fibre, to allow them to dry effectively if they get wet, or when you wash them. Therefore, we recommend that you bring your cushions in out of the sun and the rain wherever possible to preserve their colour.


    What do I do if I've damaged my table / chairs? Will you help fix it?

    It's important to us that you love our furniture. By buying one of our pieces, you've taken a chance and invested in us. So in return we will do whatever we can to help you out; if the dog chews the coffee table, we won't replace the table (we're not that nice) but call us and we will do what we can do to fix it at the lowest possible price - or advise you on how you might be able to sand and refinish it in the easiest way possible.

    If your mate who doesn't appreciate a good coaster has left his coffee mug on your dining table and there's a horrible mark - phone us. We can talk you through what to do to fix it yourself. Or if you're desperate and we're in you area, we might even be able to swing by with some sandpaper and oil and show you how it's done. If you just don't like the look of your piece when you get it home, I'm really sorry but we can't afford to exchange it for free - we're a startup after all - but if you can pay the return delivery or wait until we are around your way well be happy to exchange it or give you your money back. Just call! We are nice reasonable people and we'll help if we can.

    Are you chairs suitable for children?

    We recommend that children are supervised by adults when using our chairs, as much as children love sitting in them. It’s always best to try to make sure that their feet can reach the ground though, as we wouldn’t want the chairs to tip when they are climbing into them. Please also exercise caution if children are around when folding chairs – we wouldn’t want you to pinch any little fingers! And as tempting as it is to treat the Pendant Chair like a swing, we advise against this for safety reasons. It's much more of a 'hanging out chair' than a swing. So in a nutshell, please be careful and keep an eye on your children if you choose to allow children on your beautiful chairs!

    How long has the business been established?

    We officially started as a business in 2016 and our first show was in February 2017, though Toby has been making and refining the design of our chairs for around 15 years!