Toby Pendant Chair in Pickled Oak
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Toby Pendant Chair in Pickled Oak

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Nothing beats a hanging chair for relaxation. They’re equally perfect for a secluded hide-away at the bottom of the garden or for admiring the view from a terrace. And when you combine Toby Chair comfort levels and a gentle sway you’ve got something really special! 

As we felt this should be a particularly indulgent chair we expanded on our design: we increased the size of the seat and the depth of the curve to create more of an armchair feel. 

The design is ingeniously adjustable in two ways. Firstly, by sliding the knots above your head, without even leaving your (very comfy) seat, you can tilt yourself back to a snoozing position. 

Secondly, once the chair is hung, you can still easily adjust the distance from the ground by sliding the knots near the apex. With this system you can change the height without having to keep rehanging the chair, making it perfect for people of different heights.

The chair hangs from a single point and with the right fixings, can easily be hung from a tree, rafter, beam, ceiling, or alternatively from a frame.

Need a Frame?

If you aren't lucky enough to have the perfectly positioned tree, then we can always help you find a support frame. We keep a very few in stock but if we've run out we can signpost you to our source. Please get in touch directly if you need one - -  they cost around £150. 


Want to go for all-out comfort? Add in a Toby Stool. This works particularly well when the chair is reclined all the way back into the snooze position. 

Pickled Oak

Made from beautiful, sustainably sourced FSC European Oak, every single piece is individually inspected, cut, drilled & finished. Oak is a much sought after hardwood; strong, heavy & durable. Our Pickled Oak range is inspired from a centuries-old scientific principle - Iron reacts with the tannin on the wood, and creates a beautiful black shade within the wood itself.

To achieve this finish, we firstly wash the Oak in a specially prepared Oak bark powder tea, and then using a solution of iron and vinegar, we wash the Oak several times until it becomes a consistent and beautiful jet black.

In addition to three coats of a high quality protective teak oil we use two further coats of a high-grade UV protective oil, to help to preserve the colour when used outside. We can recommend a suitable oil with UV protection for maintenance of your Pickled Oak chairs - application is straightforward.

This Chair is also available in Larch and natural Oak.

Caring for Toby Chairs

The Pickled Oak Toby Chairs will quite happily withstand a quick rain shower, but we recommend that you bring the chairs inside if bad weather is forecast. To keep your chair in perfect condition, store it in a dry place and occasionally show it some love with a top up of protective oil - you can now buy teak oil in spray form, making it super quick and easy to coat.


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We make our chairs to order, so please allow three weeks for delivery. We'll keep you updated with the order as it progresses.

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